TTC Timeline

May 2010-stop BCPs

February 2011-check-up for TTC. All clear!

May 2011-officially start TTC

April 2012-bloodwork and SA done; no notable issues found. OB/Gyn thinks I may have irregular ovulation

July 2012-start Clomid, no ovulation

August 2012-Clomid upped to 100mg; still no ovulation

September 2012-visit RE at suggestion of OB/Gyn. Diagnosed with PCOS

October-December 2012-Clomid/Ovidrel/IUI cycles all BFN

January 2013-start 5 mg Femara, cycle canceled due to too many follicles (4)

February 2013-Femara 2.5 mg, ovulation detected too late, IUI canceled

March 2012-surprise BFP on 3/12! Beta 1 on 3/12: 16, Beta 2 on 3/14: 52 (more than tripled!)

Ultrasound on 3/25 @ six weeks showed no gestational sac

Ultrasound on 3/29 showed an ectopic pregnancy in my right tube and “cardiac activity.” Emergency surgery performed the same day showed internal bleeding and a nearly-ruptured Fallopian tube that was miraculously saved. Benched for three months.

May 2013-go back on BCPs to clear up PCOS symptoms in preparation for IVF in September


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