Cleanse, Detox, Whatever You Want To Call It…

…it sucks big time. I am on day two of a 21-day “action plan” from Whole Living magazine that several of my coworkers did back in the winter. They all saw some amazing results–improved energy, digestion, mood. Oh, and these already skinny bitches got even skinnier! So, as someone who has always sworn up and down against fad diets/detoxes/what-have-you, I am embarking on what I am sure will be a very cranky three-week journey.

Why am I doing this? Well, for several reasons. My mood and energy could definitely be improved, and I’d like to lose some weight before our beach vacation in July. Plus I enjoy a good challenge, and want to test my willpower. Okay, okay…and I guess I am starting to buy-in a little bit to the idea of “clean” eating. I need a fresh start to the summer, and I think it will only help with my upcoming IVF cycle.

But seriously, it sucks right now. For the first week you can only have veggies, fruits, lentils, nuts, oils, and seeds. And seasonings, of course. The recipes have actually been quite delicious thus far, and I have enjoyed them, but I find my mind to be completely fuzzy. It’s likely the lack of caffeine, but I am allowed green tea at least.

D is doing the cleanse with me, albeit without eliminating caffeine. His commute is way too long to go without it when he’s been a two cups before work each day kinda guy.

The part that is really bugging me right now is that I have no desire to run. It could also be an effect of my working 12-hour days for the majority of this week that’s sapping my energy. Apparently though, this week is supposed to suck, and you are supposed to spring out of bed on day 7 and be able to run a marathon. Or something. I know though, I will definitely be ready to eat some effing FISH and BLACK BEANS and BROWN RICE. But that will all have to wait 5 more days.

Has anyone reading ever done a cleanse? Would you be interested, or do you think it’s just starving and tricking yourself that it’s good for you? I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Cleanse, Detox, Whatever You Want To Call It…

  1. marwil

    Yes, I have done it a few times, the first days are the toughest in my experience but then it gets easier. But you need to be determined! it’s really easy to slip back into old habits if you allow yourself just a little ‘treat’. Good luck, and I hope it will be the kickstart you are looking for.

  2. wholovesmeforme

    I just started to diet. and decided to cut back as much on caffeine as i can. I’m on day five, and its a bit hard. The eating healthy isn’t too bad, its that i want the caffeine. I hope you can make it to day seven and we will see if you leap out of bed to go running!

  3. YeahScience!

    Yeah, I tried a few cleanses some years ago… they were fine, I guess, but I wasn’t feeling all that crappy to begin with and am not looking to lose weight, so I think I was kind of half-hearted about it. That said, I’ve been reading this book called Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss and it’s awesome — it’s only about those three ingredients and how they became so damn prevalent in our food today, and now I’m a lot more conscious of how much of those things I’m ingesting. I think if you avoid processed foods in general, that’s a pretty awesome start!


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